MikroC ARM Project: ISM Band Communication with NRF24L01+

NRF24L01+ When you are looking to add wireless communications to your project, you may be bombarded by a variety of sensors and modules. Your options include WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa among others. However the NRF24L01+ modules are cheap and readily available and can allow communication wirelessly on the Industrial, Scientific and Medical band (ISM) band. This […]

Choosing a 32-bit Microcontroller: PIC32 vs STM32

PIC32 vs STM32 For years the “Holy War” of microcontroller battles has been PIC and AVR, and whilst the battle in the 8-bit arena is yet to be “officially” decided. I say “officially” because with Microchip acquiring Atmel, I guess we know who the winner is (here’s a hint: it’s Red not Blue). However, it […]